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Art Work

Who is Limes?

Limes is a lo-fi jazz inspired music creator with over 15 thousand followers, 500 monthly listeners and 10 millions plays on Spotify. He has been featured by both Spotify and Chillhop Music for his musical projects and I am his artist!

Fresh Squeezed Album.jpg

Fresh Squeezed Album Art

Taking inspiration from Lime's most popular track, Hoopla, this album art was inspired by Sponge Bob SquarePants. I worked in tandem with German company, Vinyl Digital, to meet specifications for their online store. The 5+ hour time zone difference and language barrier made for interesting challenges.

Spotify's Jazz Vibes Holiday Video 

This small animation was created for the premier of Spotify's Holiday Jazz Vibes project. A few selected musical artists that where popular on the Jazz Vibes music playlist were asked to provide a "toasty & cozy", 8 second video to compliment their musical track. This small animation is the result of this collaboration and can still be viewed on Limes' Jovial track if you have a Spotify account.


Chillhop Music Charity Postcard

This postcard was an award given to raffle winners that donated to Chillhop Music's Mental Health Charity live stream event where over $11,500 was raised to support the charity To Write Love on Her Arms.

Charity Postcard 4X6 V3.png

More Art work

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