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Bop n' Pop


I was the sole designer so naturally, I did everything on the project including art, sound, programming, and most importantly game design!

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Bop n’ Pop was I created entirely by myself to meet the goal of making a simple physics-based platformer for one of my game design classes at Sheridan College. When coming up for the main concept of Bop n’ Pop, I tried to keep focused around one simple gameplay mechanic. This mechanic being the ability to dash around a space without any major restrictions. The game evolved as I continued to work on it and became more defined the more polish and extra features I continued to add to the game. Bop n' Pop might not seem like much, but its one of my favorite game I have designed!

Roles & Responsibilities

Since I was the only person working on Bop n' Pop, I had to do everything from coding to art to music. I would be lying through if I didn't say that I didn't get some feedback and help from my friends/peers at Sheridan. Bop  n'  Pop was a project broken up into two distinct parts: creating a physics-based puzzler and creating a game that evoked a given emotion. The physics part of the game was by far the most difficult part, with the me spending an entire day on value tweaking to get the dash feeling just right.  It was a little difficult to pinpoint the exact emotion I wanted the game to convey but I ultimately settled on creating a 'cozy' experience. I achieved this by implementing features that didn't impact the gameplay whatsoever!

"Solo Game Dev is difficult, its important to get an outside perspective"

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Process of

The 'Chu'

Bop n’ Pop is a one button game, you only need left mouse button to dash. However, the right mouse button also has functionality and it’s what I like to call the ‘Chu’ button. All it does is make your character smile and you can bet your sweet bippy that it is the most important mechanic in the game! It was one of the last things implemented but this do-nothing button provides a way for players to express themselves through play and is a nice way to finish off a level. It also really helped in elevating the 'cozy' vibe I was going for in later iterations.


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