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Farm Punks

iOS & Android


Unity Developer responsible for both coding and design. Implementation of  Achievements and Leaderboard UI.

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Farm Punks is a Free-to-Play mobile game created by Oddbird Studios in collaboration with Sleeping Giant Games and Noodlecake Studios. The game started development back in August of 2018. The game is a unique 3D take on the Infinite-Runner genera inspired by games like SSX Tricky while still being a Free-to-Play game through and through. Farm Punks has received attention on the iOS store for it's unique art style and engaging gameplay.

Roles & Responsibilities

My first task as a Unity Developer at Oddbird was to implement the achievement system. As I added achievements to the game, I learned and became more familiar with the already existing code base. I then moved onto the leaderboards system where I collaborated with artists and designers to ensure the implementation of UI elements and features remained faithful to their concepts and functioned on both iOS and Android platforms. Also responsible for adding animations and updating particle systems to bring them up to the standards of the Lead Artist. Oh, and I was the self-imposed caretaker of the office plants!

"Google Play settings broke leaderboards more than once..."

Interact with images by clicking and dragging

Leaderboards Complete
Visual Mock-Up of Leaderboards
Late addition to Leaderboards
The button that broke leaderboards
Various Leaderboard Mock-ups
Leaderboard flow in existing UI

Process of


In the beginning, I made mock ups for the leaderboards that were then built upon by the designers and artist. Based on limitations of Google Play and Apple servers, functionality and design of the leaderbaords had to be altered to fit the minimal data that could be gathered from players. After design concepts where finalized, I implemented all the UI art assets and coded all the features outlined in the design concepts.


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