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Home Run Derby VR


As a game design intern for this project, I assisted with UI/UX design, web design, and various other art related tasks.

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Home Run Derby VR is a game that I had the pleasure of working on while interning at the Toronto-based game studio, Little Guy Games. Home Run Derby VR was officially sponsored by Major League Baseball, the game was premiered and showcased at various prolific baseball events around the world. I helped with the versions that would be showcased at the 2018 MLB All-Star game in Washington, DC and at the 2018 Little League World Series. During the All-Star game, a tournament was broadcast on where it was the 2nd most viewed stream with roughly 112K views during the finals.

Roles & Responsibilities

While Little Guy Games hired me as a game designer, I worked on various aspects inside and outside of the game's files. I was tasked with researching and designing promotional work to create baseball card player print-outs as well as UI elements and animations for the game's spectator mode consistent with MLB TV broadcasts and style guides. I also created flowcharts and interactive diagrams for both the game's operator interface and well as the HRDVR website. However, most importantly, I was the self appointed assistant manager of my boss's new puppy that he would bring to work almost daily. I assisted with providing chew toys, treats, helpful puppy training advice as well as an overly sufficient level of pets.  

"It's amazing seeing your work be viewed by thousands of people!"

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Spectator Camera V1
Spectator Camera V2
Spectator Camera V3
Spectator Camera V4
Spectator Camera V5
Spectator Camera V6
Spectator Camera V7

Process of

Spectator UI

A funny thing about this UI was that I wasn't told that the assets I was creating for the game were going to be seen by thousands of people! The spectator UI was meant to be viewed by people who where waiting in line to play the game. As a result, I was tasked with making the UI seem as close to HUD elements found in actual baseball/sports broadcasts on TV. I had to accommodate making UI layouts for both single player and multi-player and also animated the UI to signify special types of home runs.


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